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Une Olive En Provence


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The beauty benefits of olive oil are widely known. Its prized properties include hydration, anti-oxidants and other health benefits. These are the reasons olive oil skin and hair products are sought after. But how can you be sure you are getting a high quality olive oil skincare product?

Go straight to the source of course! 

Une Olive En Provence is a skincare range crafted by a passionate fourth generation olive miller, Jean-Baptiste Quenin, and his wife Annabel, in Provence, France. It is the first skincare line to harness the many beauty benefits of not only olive oil but the entire olive tree!

Une Olive En Provence products utilise: 

Olive Blossom Extract: Relaxes and calms while aiding in regeneration and enhancing well-being. Based on Les Fleurs de Bach® Original, developed by Edward Bach, doctor of immunology, bacteriology and homeopathy in the 1930s. 

Olive Leaf Extract: Rich in flavonoids and chlorophyl, known anti-oxidants. Increases the skin’s resistance to sunlight’s aggressive effects while flushing out toxins.

Olive Squalane: Concentrated olive oil extract. Deeply moisturizes the skin by replenishing the skin’s natural lipid layer. Anti-aging, quick-penetrating, and non-greasy. Restores skin suppleness.

Olive Stones: Powdered olive stones are used in the Face and Body Scrubs to gently exfoliate dead skin cells without damaging the epidermis. 


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Une Olive En Provence Promotion


Face Creams


Day Cream (Green) – The most versatile of the three, this cream is the epitome of simplistic beauty. Enriched with extra virgin olive oil, squalane, olive leaf extract and olive blossoms, it deeply moisturises, heals and protects the skin, leaving it satin-soft and smooth all day long.

Instant Lift Radiance Cream (White) – This radiance enhancing moisturiser gives the face an instant glow. Acacia oils and micro pearls complement extra virgin olive oil, squalane, olive leaf extract and olive blossoms to conceal blemishes and give skin a silky smooth texture. 

Anti-Wrinkle Night Care Cream (Black) – The richest of the three creams, this face cream incorporates elderweiss flowers and dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline, a well known plant-derived anti-wrinkle and firming agent. Used at night, this cream rejuvenates and lifts, reversing signs of aging by restoring youthful volume, tone and suppleness as you sleep. 

Face Scrub


This unique scrub lets your skin breathe as it gently exfoliates with the combined action of fine olive stones and bamboo powder. A 100% natural ingredient, it deeply cleanses pores with extra lightening action to give a radiant, youthful complexion.





2-in-1 Shampoo & Shower Gel


This 2-in-1-shower gel is the perfect solution for a holistic and hassle-free bath experience. Extra virgin olive oil quenches thirsty, dry skin, healing and nourishing it, while the light olive refreshes your spirits. Be practical and pampered at the same time! 






Liquid Soap


 Refined to perfection with skin healing properties of the olive tree, this hand wash is a mastery of delicate nourishment. As its rich antioxidants cleanses and moisturizes, the skin is given the air needed to breathe, gifting it natural smoothness and lasting freshness.






Body Lotion


 Smooth and creamy to touch, this body lotion quickly penetrates the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and non-greasy. Rich nutrients in the olive oil hydrate and leave the skin illuminating with radiance and glow. The skin is kissed with a fresh fragrance that promises to linger in the aftermath. 






Hand Cream



The refreshing olive scent sends volumes of love and care to the user. With the richness of extra virgin olive oil that protects and heals, this hand cream is a heavenly solution for calluses and dry skin.








These smooth, solid olive oil bar soaps follow a tradition close to the world renowned Savon de Marseille. 

Available in Ground Almond (Black), Talcum Powder (White), Exfoliating (Olive Stones) & Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Green). 






Body Scrub 


This scrub combines ground olive stones and bamboo to remove dead skin cells without damaging the epidermis, giving you smooth and glowing skin.





This amazing Une Olive En Provence range imparts a delicate softness to the skin, keeping it hydrated and healthy. The entire range contains no harmful parabens or phenoxyethanols. 

For inquiries or to order Une Olive En Provence for yourself, contact us here or 8383 9806 (phone) or admin@nourishnaturally.org (email).


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