July 29, 2016

Our Story

Before she founded Nourish in 2010, owner Veronica Ong struggled with acne. Driven to find a solution to treat her own skin, she tried various treatments, including Intense Pulse Light treatment, contraceptives, antibiotics and Vitamin A — but could not find a permanent solution. 

Then she discovered Maria Galland (now Nourish’s anchor brand). Through its brand philosophy, Maria Galland introduced Veron to the idea that everyone’s skin is unique and that facial therapists need to feel each person’s skin to understand its particular needs. Maria Galland’s facial massage techniques are developed by physiotherapists to awaken tired skin, by stimulating the facial muscles and the lymphatic system. Veron found that these facial massages, complemented by Maria Galland products, gave her healthy, glowing skin and renewed confidence in her appearance! 

Eager to share her experience and empower others with confidence, Veron left her full-time bank job to put her heart and soul into Nourish. She continued to research treatments and products, and over the years Nourish has expanded the range of treatments it offers, to cater to different skin needs. All treatments utilize the human touch to heal the skin, in addition to quality products from reputable brands, and have proven effective for our clients. 

To complement our facial services, Nourish also offers nail services, therapeutic massages as well as wellness and nutritional programs. Veronica overseas the therapeutic massages as well as the wellness programs. We have witnessed how complementing our facials with these wellness and therapeutic massages can dramatically improve skin and health conditions. In our salon, we only use nail polishes which are 5-free (free from formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, camphor and formaldehyde resin) or water-based. Our clients love the convenience of having multiple wellness services in one location!

In the years since Nourish was founded, we have journeyed with many clients. We have proudly witnessed not only the healing of their skin, but also their journey from frustration to confidence. We pride ourselves on genuinely caring for our clients, and as a result many of them have become friends. 

At Nourish, we are proud to journey with you towards health and wellness!