3 Ways To Save Money On Facials And Still Get Great Skin

In all our years in the skincare industry, we’ve seen too many people give up on their skin because they mistakenly conclude that skincare is “just too expensive”.

This is a pity because sometimes simple, low-cost actions can have a big impact on improving skin health and appearance. We tell our clients time and again: taking good care of your skin and getting smoother, brighter skin, does not have to be expensive.

Here are some simple (and free!) things you can do to improve your skin condition, quite apart from facials:




Between being bombarded with product advertising and having to fob off hard-sell tactics at many facial salons, it can be difficult to find a reliable source of information which addresses your specific skin condition. The result? Many people end up wasting money on overpriced and ineffective facial products.

If this sounds like you, before giving up on your skin, try finding the right products specifically for your skin. Each person’s skin condition is different, so products which work for your friends or family may not work for you.

At Nourish, we feel that having a trusted professional assess your skin and recommend the right skincare products is the most important step in skin treatment, so we offer skin assessments completely free. In fact, some of our clients come to us only for skin assessments and product recommendations, and don’t even do facials.

Keep in mind that once you’ve found the right skincare products, you have to use them diligently in order to see results!




One of the most important techniques used in Nourish facials is the facial massage. While the massage techniques used in Nourish facials are more complex and specific to certain skin conditions, here is a simplified version you can use everyday:

Start by placing 4 fingers under your chin, on the soft part just behind your jaw bone. Applying gentle pressure, slowly draw your fingers upwards, following the line of your jawbone but keeping your fingers on the soft flesh behind your jawbone. Once you reach your ears, bring your fingers back under your chin and repeat.

Picture Credit: http://www.isabelsbeautyblog.com

Again, consistency is key to get visible results. Do this facial massage daily to improve circulation and radiance!




Did you know that oftentimes, your skin condition is closely related to your diet habits? Very often, the reason behind your breakouts and acne is simply the way your body reacts to certain foods. Common culprits include sugars or other high glycemic-index foods, processed foods, wheat and dairy. It can be tricky to identify which foods affect your skin and in what ways, but the effort will be worth it. Foods are like information you send to your cells. When they disagree with what you eat, inflammation and discomfort becomes apparent. Great skin starts with eating well!

This is so important that all our free skin assessments also include a diet assessment. We work with clients to identify problem triggers in their diet and suggest alternative diet habits which work with, instead of against, their body’s biochemistry.

So, there you have it. 3 simple ways to save money on facials and still get great skin. If you would like a free skin assessment, contact us at 83839806 today!

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