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Our Philosophy

Go to We don’t use machines

We don’t use machines

None of our facial treatments use machines. We believe that the human touch is more soothing to the skin and will help your skin heal faster. Being able to feel your skin also helps us to assess your skin condition more accurately. To rejuvenate your skin and leave you feeling refreshed, all our facial treatments include a face massage.

Go to We use Natural Products

We use Natural Products

The products we use in our facial treatments are either organic or made from botanical sources, and are sourced from well-established, reputable brands. We also use organic products in our signature manicure and pedicure treatments.

Go to Our services are highly personalised

Our services are highly personalised

We customise our facial and nail treatments according to each client’s particular needs and budget. For facial treatments, we provide a free consultation on your first visit, where we work with you to decide which treatments will best help you achieve your skin goals. We also help you to adjust the frequency and type of treatment as your skin condition improves, or when the needs of your skin change.

Go to We’re in it for the long haul

We’re in it for the long haul

About 90% of our clients are regulars. This is because we value our clients and prioritize long-term relationships over short-term profits. We think that aggressive marketing is short-sighted. Instead, we put our clients’ interests first and let the quality of our services speak for us.

Our Services

At Nourish Naturally, we provide quality facial and nail treatments using natural products and methods.
Our services are tailored to suit your goals and budget.
  • We offer a comprehensive menu of treatment options, from well-known brands like Maria Galland, SukiSpa, Luzern Labs, Filorga, Exuviance and SantaVerde. These options can be mixed and matched to customise a treatment plan to address your specific skin needs and budget. We also believe that your skin can only glow when you feel rejuvenated. That's why we provide a relaxing ambience in which you can enjoy your treatments!

  • Our manicure and pedicure options range from the most basic, express treatments to our Signature, luxurious treatments, so that you can choose what suits you. We also offer an organic Signature manicure and pedicure treatment.


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